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    Windows 10 hdmi audio lost after standby


      Dear Community,

      Like others, after upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, when the PC wakes up, under Sound->Playback,  the AMD High Definition Audio device says "not plugged in".  I can restore the audio with a reboot of the computer or uninstall/install the audio driver. (Utterly frustrating as I bought a Sapphire R9 285, to solve this problem in Windows 8.1. )


      I have read in these forums this has been solved by reverting to Audio Driver  I currently have  I would like to see if this solves my problem, but I cannot find the older driver to download.


      Can someone provide a link to this older version?  I am having no luck trying to find it in AMD's download section.

      Thanks in Advance,


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          guru3d has all the older drivers for download , if you're running an intel cpu , remove the hdmi driver from it and the amd hdmi drivers should work again

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              Thanks t77chevy for the information. I went to guru3d and tried to find AMD High Definition Audio Device driver, with no success. Oldest I could get was from Catalyst 15.7, i think.  Anyhow the next oldest Catalyst package was not available. The link took you to AMD's download page.


              WOW that was cumbersome, they don't list what driver versions that are bundled with Catalyst in the summary.  Another problem is you cannot just install the AMD High Definition Audio Device driver without the older video drivers etc. even under custom installation.  So this work around should not even be suggested.


              So I am still utterly frustrated with this issue. And even more so because somebody's suggested solution was totally bogus and a waste of time.


              It seems, it would be easier to re-build and go back to Windows 8.1 and wait until this problem is resolved. Any thoughts?

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                  with windows ten it loves to corrupt data especially for the upgrade , this is normally easy enough to fix , first uninstall the display drivers and use ddu in safe mode , after that has booted back into windows open a command prompt with admin rights  and run through these commands one at a time ,


                  chkdsk c: /r " will require a reboot and take alittle while to run



                  sfc/scannow " will also take a little while and will state if a reboot is needed



                  DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /RestoreHealth



                  DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /AnalyzeComponentStore


                  after all this has ran and repaired the files , install the display drivers and see if the problem has been resolved

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                I think I am the somebody you are referring to, but I will be glad to help you as I have been helped by so many in this and many other forums.


                I believe that the will work, but if you want the you can get it by searching for

                AMD High Definition Audio Device Driver for Windows 10

                The download will give you a cab file.  You will need to extract the files in the cab file into a directory on your pc.  To extract the files I used winzip which I downloaded from the Windows Store.


                to install the extracted files take a look at the youtube video ==> here