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Star Wars Battlefront Crossfire Performance

Question asked by mwright on Dec 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2015 by kingfish

Hello again.


I have another question to ask the guru's of the forums here.

AMDMatt.... Do you know how to actually get better performance when enabling crossfire for star wars battlefront.


I have an AMD fx-6300 - Permanently locked in at the turbo clock speed of 4.1ghz

8 Gigs Hyperx Predator Ram (2133mhz) running at 1866mhz

Two Asus r9 270's, OC edition, with ram clocked at stock speed and cpu's clocked at stock speeds. No overclock applied. ( although I am sure its not that hard to do )


In battlefront with crossfire enabled, I am lucky to just stay barely above 60fps with crossfire enabled, @ 1080p, all ultra settings with the exception of shadows (set to high) and anti aliasing set to FXAA High.

The game runs smooth for about 20 seconds at a time, then I get a massive LAG spike which causes about a half second stutter, and then the FPS drops to about 5 and slowly ramps back up to 60ish. It literally makes the game unplayable for online matches. I measured the GPU and CPU responsiveness in game by opening the console. (TILDE KEY) ~ and typing perfoverlay.drawgraph 1 and hitting enter and closing the console. You can measure the FPS in game without the use of fraps or MSI afterburner by opening the console and typing, perfoverlay.drawfps 1

This is the same as most battlefield games as they use the same frostbite engine.



When the game has huge lag spikes the graphs for green and yellolw literally spike through the top of the screen and it says something like a delay of 1000+MS or whatever form of measurement they are using to draw the graph.



This is the bizarre thing, if I turn crossfire off, I get stable 60-70fps with the same ultra settings on most maps, 100+fps on flying maps. Seriously this is a very playable experience, however, I want to use the new VSR technology and play at 1440p. WIth a single card my frames drop to about 30-40fps on the high detail levels. This was the purpose of having crossfire, to enable you to play at higher resolutions or detail levels than you normally could with one card.


I would be totally ecstatic if I could run the game at 1440p on ultra with my two cards and maintain a lag free 60fps experience.


Is there anything I can do to make this work now, or am I just dreaming and will need to wait for a specific driver release that will likely come long after I no longer have interest in the game as usual.


Not trying to be negative but it has been quite some time now (YEARS) since an AMD driver release worked excellent for crossfire users on a new game on the first try.


Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.