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Radeon r9 390 not working with windows 10

Question asked by aggle on Dec 26, 2015

I had built a computer about three months ago and everything seem alright with the 390. It was working properly, I was able to play games very smoothly, everything was perfect. However, the day after Thanksgiving when I tried to start my computer I got an error on windows 10 saying it was a video_tdr_failure and it needed to restart. I thought it was only temporarily and restarting would fix it it but when it restarted it ran into the same problem. I soon figured out that the failure could have been cause by drivers not being up to date, the video card was being used over it's capacity, and that it could have over heated. What is confusing is that the 390 was up to date and my computer was turned off so it couldn't have overheated or been used beyond it's capacity at the moment. I tried a couple things to fix the problem like doing a startup repair but that didn't work, I tried reassembling the 390 in the motherboard and nothing, and I tried opening in safe mode. Eventually I gave up trying and I wiped my hard drive and reinstalled windows 10. I wasn't too worried since I hadn't installed many things before hand since the PC is relatively new. When it was finished it still didn't work. It just black screens now and I can see it trying to load up the login menu but it can't. It just black screens and does nothing. I have been using just the Intel graphics for the time being to try and fix the problem and the 390 is detected in device manager and says it is working properly. Just recently when I tried connecting my monitor to my 390 again it would get a signal and it hasn't ever since. My monitor is working properly since I am using it when connected to my motherboard so I don't know what went wrong. I know 390 is working properly as it is turning on on boot and is detected so i'm wondering if it has anything to do with windows. It has been a very frustrating month trying to get it to work and I can't play games which was the reason for having the 390. It has been an exceedingly well graphics card and I wish to continue using it so if there is a solution or suggestions on how to fix any of the problems I will be very thankful.


Thank you.