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Direct3D12 driver buggy (fences)?

Question asked by mnemonix on Dec 26, 2015



I started developing GFX with Direct3D12 and C++ and have issues with fences which don't seem to work correctly with the latest driver. In my app the debug layer of D3D12 outputs the following message to me: "D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12CommandAllocator::Reset: A command allocator is being reset before previous executions associated with the allocator have completed.". This seems to be a bug because I ensure with a fence that the command queue executed all command lists before the according command allocator is allowed to be reset. To be sure that it is not a bug of me, I also tried the samples from Microsoft at github ( Microsoft/DirectX-Graphics-Samples · GitHub ). Same issue here. My GFX card is a Mobility Radeon 7730M.