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Problem Amd and Windows 10 (maybe driver)

Question asked by fullsalykov on Dec 26, 2015

Hello, one month ago i buy and i mounted the computer that is the config (i give you a french site because i buy all in France) :


I buy all that. It was my first time and all work perfectly


The first month I install the driver beta 15.11.1 for Windows 10 64 bits (because only that driver work for play the latest Anno - Crimson don't work for Anno ).


One week ago, i reset my computer (because i like that-lol) and i install the latest driver crimson with automatically research (and all components- gaming evolved,...). And the problems become. Impossible to install GTA5. The computer freeze and i have blue screen, i have different message in all time (clock watchdog timeout, system thread exception, critical error,...) I dont have any error before reset of computer. So i reset my computer 5 times. I download a new Windows 10 but always the same thing... (only when i install Gta5).


I install my Os on SSD and i install all games on the HDD (i install only gta 5 on ssd, i try also on hdd).

I test also with windows 10 (un)activated. i install also net framework 3.5 (maybe the game need ?)


Today i will install skyrim but freeze, and i dont have blue scree, only freeze.


Can you help me ?


Thanks a lot. The computer is fast and beatifull *-* but it is not normally that bug... :/

(My old computer can install gta5 without problem with i5-650 lol)