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R9 290 - DisplayPort Triple Monitor Issue

Question asked by on Dec 26, 2015
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I just recently picked up 3x Nixeus NX-VUE24B monitors and have them connected to one of two Sapphire R9 290's. All 3 monitors are connected to one GPU with Crossfire enabled and when all 3 monitors are turned on they just flash randomly going in an out of signal.


This is where it gets weird, if I only use 2 monitors both connected via DVI they work normally. If I use DisplayPort and DVI the DVI monitor in Windows Display settings appears and re-appears constantly. However if quick enough I can select the DVI monitor and extend/mirror my desktop both monitors will work.


So now with both monitors working I turn on the 3rd DVI monitor and all 3 just go crazy in and out of signal.


Anyone have any idea's?


I've tried the following:

Each GPU separately with Crossfire disabled

Removed 1 GPU from the PC

Different Cables

Windows 10 & Windows 7

Crimson & Non-Crimson Drivers