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AMD Crimson dosen't display an image on my monitor

Question asked by antyholm on Dec 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2015 by antyholm

i have a problem with me HD 7970 and the crimson software, i recently tried to install the crimson software on my computer, after installation it requested me to reboot, so i did, Heres where it gets funny, when my pc boots it shows the usual "Starting windows" symbol but when it switches to "Welcome" and the desktop it does not show any image and my monitor, it turns of like if it was on standby. I've contacted Windows about this problem and i've been forced to delete my windows and install it again, so i've lost everything on my computer.

the only way i can get my computer to boot properly is to boot with out drivers and delete the crimson software, but its pretty difficult to play games without a driver for my graphicscard