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Black screen in games after the new crimson edition update

Question asked by katahana on Dec 26, 2015

Hello everyone who is reading this thread before i start talking i just wanna say excuse mee for my bad English.So i started having the black screen problem since the crimson edition update came along.I had these problems in catalyst aswell,but the way i fixed them there was going to graphics overdrive and reducing the GPU clock a bit,that would stop the black screen problem and wouldnt damage anything else.But doing that in the crimson edition (amd settings) dosent seem to do anything,the problem still keeps happening.It ussualy occurs while playing some of the bigger titles such as(Black Ops 2,World Of Tanks,Kingdom Under Fire 2..) mainly anything that requires a solid rig.Anyway,my rig is more than good enough to handle all of these games on high/max graphics with a solid fps count.My specs will be listed below:

Graphics Chipset:

AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

CPU Type:

AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor

Windows Version:

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)

System Memory:

8 GB

Memory Type:


Memory Size:

1024 MB


Before you say anything,none of the parts are damaged so i highly doupt the problem lies withing the hardware.All the drivers are up to date aswell as windows drivers so i would assume there is no problem there either.Reinstalling the windows didnt do the trick as the problem still occurs.Can anyone please come up with any kind of solution for this problem,its really getting annoying and i would REALLY appreciate any help with this.

Thanks in advanced!