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Catalyst CCC_Next Slim additional settings crashing

Question asked by atlasminor on Dec 26, 2015

I have noticed a crash that forces me to end previous task manager process after crash of additional_Settings


Is this normal or currently a known issue, and should I be worried about it ?


I have Radeon Crimson CrossFireX  _Hybrid working perfectly now that the fan issue is resolved and up and running and boosting VGa as intended. just when I go to set Monitoring up to check and see if any games/appplications are unrecognized or to setup powerPlay options correctly about 5minutes later I will see a Additional_Settings application Has Crashed error dialog screen popup, see it log into system error reports but will keep all the process's running after clicking OK to close the applicationand can't open additional settings again until I close all previous process's.


Wondering if there is a work around or if its just me ?


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