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    screen flickering/white out with crossfire


      Just set up my new(old) rig, and was excited to play DayZ on it. I'm getting FPS's in the 50's, but every few minutes, the screen begins to flicker and white out. Its definitely a light issue, as it happens most in the forest from the sunlight through the trees. I have tried all the fixes I could find through the forums, tried every in game visual setting(including vsync), manually set the HDR in the config file. I have tried every catalyst setting, Wait for vertical refresh on, open GL triple buffering on, frame pacing on. My crossfire is enabled, but i have no crossfire mode setting, which seems to be what I need. One post said i need to set crossfire mode to "optimize 1x1" or "AFR Friendly", for which I have no option. Supposedly this was fixed with a catalyst update, but i'm running the latest version (15.7.1). I'm totally stumped, if anyone else has fixed this problem please help. Thank you.


      Win 7 home 64bit

      My specs;

      Quad i-7

      12gb ram

      dual hd5670

      Vizio widescreen

      liquid cooled