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MSI R9 390 constant crashing.

Question asked by on Dec 26, 2015
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1. OS? (32 or 64 bit)  Windows 10 64bit

2. Graphics card? Processor?  MSI R9 390

3. Power supply? (make and model)  Ultra X4 850W

4. Overclocked?  Factory settings.

5. Laptop or Desktop? (If laptop, manufacturer and exact model number)  Desktop

6. When did issue first appear?  Right after hardware install.


Things I've already done.


PSU Swap

Driver versions 15.7, 15.7.1, 15.12

Minimal program installation of AMD software ie not installing "Gaming Evolved".


Things that are happening.

Tried several times to run Furmark.  Never get past 10 seconds on any settings.
Tried several times to run 3D Mark 11.  Same result.

Ran WoW on "fair" settings and the game ran but right when I increase to "ultra" settings, CRASH.  Yes, this would indicate a PSU problem but it can't be, I've swapped and I've used two PSU's at the same time using one on the mainboard and the other on the card.


Let me know if you want more info.