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No Dual Graphics tab in Catalyst Control Center

Question asked by jordancerovic on Dec 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by mjhig

I just recently bought an ASUS R7250-1GD5 card to pair with my A10 7850K in a dual graphics configuration. I was running the latest Crimson Edition drivers, and could not find the option for Dual Graphics in CCC. After doing some research I found that "Crimson Edition drivers do not yet support Dual Graphics" which the installer should really warn you about before updating the drivers. From what I could gather you needed to run pre-Crimson Edition drivers in order to have dual graphics enabled. I installed the 14.1 drivers... still no Dual Graphics tab. Seriously, *** is going on with the driver support here? First I had to uninstall Win 10 a few months ago because there were no Llano drivers for Win 10 (my old PC), now this... I'm getting very frustrated. I've been a long time AMD user... even before that I was an ATI user. I don't ever remember having this many driver issues before the last few months.




System specs:


AMD A10-7850K

ASUS R7250-1GD5



Can someone please help me get this working?