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W7100 fail to install in Windows 10

Question asked by lewist57 on Dec 25, 2015

Got a W7100 card to replace an old FireGL 7750 card on a Windows 10 x64 PC.  Removed display drivers prior to removing the original video card using AMD Clean Uninstall utility, then installed W7100 card and rebooted.  The BIOS screen will display on boot up, and you can enter and change the BIOS, so the basic card and display work together OK in the VGA mode, apparently.  But after exiting the BIOS setup, all you see on the screen is a black screen with an underscore "_" in the upper left corner of the screen and "0_" in the lower right screen, and it does not enter VGA mode, and no mouse cursor. Booting in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, and Low Resolution does not make a difference. It appears that the PC  keeps on booting up with no Post codes or beeps. Let it "boot" for over 15 minutes, display never comes to life.


This a desktop PC with an i7 3820, 16G of RAM and an Intel motherboard with 2 PCI 3 slots less than 3 years old, no update to BIOS  available. Not overclocked, no on board video.  The display is a 1920 x 1080 with DVI-D cable to the Display port/DVI adaptor. Putting the original 7750 card back in works fine.


What else can I check or try before returning for replacement?


PROBLEM SOLVED: Was using the automated driver update program for Intel motherboard, but found out that the program did not check to see if there was an updated BIOS version. A newer one was available, and voila, the W7100 fired up and works great. Lesson learned, check everything  in the software and firmware before assuming bad hardware.