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R290x Black Screen upon login. Crimson drivers (All versions)

Question asked by borndownunder on Dec 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2015 by borndownunder

First of all, pc specs:


Intel i5-2500 non-k @ base clocks.

ASUS p8p67 pro motherboard

8gb RAM @1866 xmp profile.

Sapphire TriXX OC r290x 4gb (Hynix) - Tested at base clocks and overclocked with OverDrive & MSI AfterBurner (Seperate attempts, of course) to see if issue with Overdrive not assigning voltage correctly.

Samsung 840 EVO 256gb SSD

Windows 10 x64 Home Edition.


I am currently running completely stable on 15.11.1 drivers, audio drivers disabled, gpu core @ 1100, mem @ 1500 24x7 clocks, custom fan profile, temps never above 75 degrees Celsius, only see those temps when 30+ ambient temperatures.


Typical install process:

Download drivers

Reboot into safe mode


Reboot into normal mode

Install drivers

Reboot as per post installation request.


Everything runs as per normal, drivers are amazing with 10-15% performance increases in just about everything, restarts and shut downs are fine until cold boot. OverDrive functions well in testing though I use MSI AfterBurner to enforce a custom fan profile and voltage increase to support the overclock profile.


Once I cold boot, where one would see the login screen (I don't use a password as only I use this pc, have troubleshooted by setting a password to see if I could force login) the monitor goes to stand-by mode, reporting no input and pc hangs completely.


After doing a soft reset or hard shutdown, the network drivers end up being knocked out and I have to go through the process of resetting the parameters to re-gain network access.


I can enter via safe mode successfully to troubleshoot, after initial cold-boot failure I cannot restart after entering safe mode into normal mode, pc hangs after windows logo every time...


Troubleshooting attempts:

I have tried waiting out the black screen

I have done a complete wipe & re-installation of OS

Post re-installation of OS I have done gpu driver installation prior to & post windows update to see if their was potential conflict

Tested base clocks with/out OverDrive enabled, with/out MSI AfterBurner installed, with/out MSI AfterBurner

Tested overclocking via OverDrive with/out MSI AfterBurner installed

Tested overclocking via MSI AfterBurner

Installation of gpu drivers over the top of pre-existing drivers.


I am at a total loss as to what to do now, would really like to use the new drivers except I do not want to leave my pc running 24x7.


Any ideas would be appreciated and thanks in advance.