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Problem with dual graphic - texture, performence, new crismon drivers

Question asked by jur-master on Dec 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2015 by jur-master

Hi all, i have a problem.

Like i said in my previous topic, im worry about texture in dual graphic, and it's happened.

( What card with a10-7870k  )


So, when i setup in my new crismon drivers "crossfire to afr"

I'm using dual graphic in CS:GO and both of them goin at 100% (yes, that's fine)

1100 mhz dedicated card

887 mhz APU


But my screen is shaking, most texture is just a white elements, everything is blinking - unable to play, unable to use.

Got new drivers, everything is setup good in bios and drivers, diurectx updated, and still got a problems.


When i use recomend profile in crossfire for cs:go, or just a 1x1, then everyting is good in my display, so everything working correctly but

i can see that

dedicated graphic is goin at maximum 1100 mhz


APU is goin only at 355 mhz, and just sometimes is goin up to 887 mhz

(i control it everytime with msi afterburner)

if i turn off crossfire then fps drop down, and apu is not used.


problem with new ccc crismon is i don't have options for my power saving, like before i had that option with my apu where i can setup minimum

cpu core frequency to 1 700 mhz, while maximum was 3 900 mhz, now i have no control.

I think here is problem with my dual graphic, apu is goin at only 355 mhz becoause of power saving.

i wanna my pc goin at full performence while gaming, and economy when i don't need that power.

it's pointless to block my APU in bios at full performence cuz i don't need it at everytime.