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Why might my Radeon HD3450 graphics card not be able to detect a second monitor?

Question asked by tdriver49 on Dec 25, 2015

I purchased a refurbished Radeon HD3450 PCI-e 256 graphics card and the only time I get both monitors to come on is in safe mode, or while booting and then after Windows 7 logo disappears, so does my second monitors video feed. If I uninstall the Radeon driver, then I get both monitors back, but still Windows 7 does not detect the second monitor. So even though I can see both monitors, they are mirrored and not much good that way. I wonder, I though or assumed when I bought the card, that the presence of two video ports, one VGA and one HDMI, that I could use two monitors with it. Was I wrong?


Any advice will be welcomed.