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    crimson edition installs wrong driver



      My computer updated the video driver itself a long time ago.

      A lot of my games stopped working (not all of them).

      I tryed bilion of things to make it work again and nothing (inumerous codes and patches in every game)...

      I went to computer properties, device manager and saw that the Crimson Edition installed the wrong driver for my video card! It installs "HD 6300m" series.

      My laptop is Hp Pavilion DV7 4283cl

      Config: I5 m480, 8GB ram, Radeon Mobility HD 6370.


      If I uninstall it and install the catalyst, the catalyst now do not recognize my hardware, now only crimson does and does it wrong apparently.

      (Most of my games are old and used to work very well on this laptop, but some like left 4 dead 2 almost burn my laptop now and work for about 5 minutes and than crashes my windows (need to reboot). Same for Counter Strike Global Offensive. The older games (2006 -)does not even work).


      Anyone know any solution?


      Windows 7 Home Premium

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          Your card is a HD 63XXm so dont worry about that, I think the card in "Config" should be an M as well but might be a typo. I have a HD7950 and 7990, all 3 are called 7900 in Device Manager, its perfectly normal


          Your obviously not happy with the performance your getting lately, this could be that the driver is a mess on your system or that the older ones just worked better for you.

          I think whats going on now is Windows might be installing whatever it wants. So you should clean install the driver that last worked well for you. Please run DDU, when it reboots unplug your ethernet or switch off your WiFi. When your back into normal Windows and everything huge and colours are all washed, install your driver of choice/what worked from here, or if you have time try the latest driver AMD can provide for your card, or you can download the last driver HP have to offer for your laptop (either way make sure you have downloaded and installed your new driver before you rejoin the matrix).


          Hope this helps.

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              That surelly helps a lot, but i dont know what was the driver that worked perfectly.

              In my gamer desktop the same thing happened but with a nvidia driver, the 335.23 driver works with every game, it's almost perfect, most of the newer ones makes games slower, newer games crashes, etc.


              With that information now I will clean install and eliminate one by one (from the newest to the oldest) until I find it (probably will take a long time, but i think it's worth it).