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Such fluctuation with my 290x lightning normale?

Question asked by inomnomz on Dec 24, 2015
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I reinstalled everything on my pc and I am currently running a clean install of my windows 8.1 , because at first my gpu usage was really strange. I attached a picture of this GPU usage. This picture is the first problem I found when I installed a clean windows 10 with everything cleaned including the driver. (strange usage png)



This made me panick alittle and so I downgraded back to windows 8.1 (clean install) and now this happens when I play games. It's exactly the oppside and is that supposed to happen? And I wonder is the fluctuation in the second picture supposed to happen? (this supposed to be normal png)


The third picture is a furmark diagram with afterburner of a stress test.  (furmark diagram png )
The game I was playing : Heroes of the Storm.


And as last and final qeustion:



Is the 4th picture normal behavior of a gpu to sometimes spike alittle when browsing the web/idling on desktop? (is this normal png)




Wish you all the best of all this holiday season!









P.S. I edited my message over 4 times and still it didnt SAVE! what the * is this forum?