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gpu scaling doesnt work i have the latest drivers. (pls read down below)

Question asked by kehua on Dec 24, 2015

So the scaling only works in desktop but not in apps and i have noticed when launching app fullscreen like CS:Source 1024x768 its doesnt scale it and i have notice when i quickly quit the game i have seen the game itself sets the scaling to preserve aspect ratio when it should be fullscreen (going to desktop it quickly sets itself back to fullscreen scale) . wouldnt this be easily fixed if you would just make the AMD crimson settings top priority so that the settings cant be changed by any app? or another idea would be add the scaling settings to games profile "View and configure custom graphics and AMD Overdrive settings for you games/applications"

for now on i stick with the monitor scaling but the gpu scaling is much faster when switching between apps and doesnt lag i hope this gets fixed!