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mixed resolution eyefinity

Question asked by bgugi on Dec 24, 2015

Hello, I'm currently using three monitors, 2*1280*1024 and 1*1920*1080 all attached to a 5850. I would like to use eyefinity with these three displays, however the only mode i can find is matched resolution, which has major aspect ratio issues. My CCC does not have the options for mixed resolutions. Is this a hardware issue?



display 1:

1280x1024 native, connected dvi-d

display 2:

1920x1080 native, connected via active DP adapter - vga.

display 3:

1280x1024 native, connected vga



Driver packaging version 15.20....

catalyst version 15.7.1


If my card does not support mixed resolution eyefinity, what cards do?