Freesync is not working as it should?

Discussion created by floppydisk on Dec 24, 2015


i'm using a R9 290 Vapor-X and LG's 29UM67-P Freesync Monitor connected via DP.

I have a hard time to get Freesync to work, AMD's Windmill demo is working perfectly, games are not.


For example Divinity : Original Sin, without vsync and framelimit i get something about 130 FPS, if i limit FPS ingame to something between 50 and 74 FPS i get stuttering and tearing..that's what freesync is for, am i right?


So what's the problem here? The same problem with most other games. Only Kings Quest is running fine at its own locked 62 FPS.


How to set up driver and games for freesync? Do i have to use crimsons framelimiter, set to 75 FPS to not get obove freesync range? Do i have to use vsync?


All games stutter, if they are not 100% at my monitors refresh rate of 60 or 75 hz.

Freesync is activated in OSD and crimson driver, the driver is reporting a freesync range 48-75hz.


What else do i have to do?


Thanks !