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    Low FPS on 290X Crossfire


      Need help with problem about low fps on 290x crossfire.

      When I was running games like ACS and Totalwar Attila my 2 graphic cards could not run all the time. Sometimes they work well and there was no low fps issues but sometimes(mostly) the do not work, I could not even hear GPU fans work.

      How can I get my cards always working with crossfire on?

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          Setup something that will show the usage in game like HWiNFO and RTSS. If the game has no profile then you can run with 1x1 or AFR mode, setup via Crimson. I don't own these games so cant confirm if they have profiles.

          When have they worked well, what happened from then to now?

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            try running a benchmark like heaven 4.0 , first run it with single gpu , then run it in crossfire , you should see a large difference


            that will see if any issues with the hardware/software being used , for x game sometimes cf scales well and sometimes its lower fps then running a single gpu .


            most mmo ect.  are single threaded and will be limited by the cpu .


            totalwar cf support started in 15.3 drivers i believe , you can try rolling back to those as well