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Cape Verde R7 250 Dual Graphics with A10-7870K?

Question asked by hippie403 on Dec 23, 2015

I recently put together a new APU based system


APU: A10-7870K

GPU: Gigabyte R7 250 OC    GV-R725OC-2GI (rev. 2.0)

8GB (2*4) GSkill 2400MHz DDR3 RAM

Windows 7 64bit


Runnning Crimson software     15.30.1025-151117a296575C


The GPU was supposed to be a Rev 2.0  1100 MHz clock  1800MHz 2GB DDR3 RAM

card which should have been compatible with the APU.


Turns out I was shipped a Rev 3.0 card which is  720MHz clock   1600MHz DDR3 RAM.

Apparently the Rev 3.0 card is Cape Verde chipset rather than Oland!

I think it has 512 shaders rather than 384.

3DMark11 identifies the card as Radeon HD7750(X2).


I thought the A10-7870K was only compatible with Oland R7 cards?!!!!!


Dual Graphics is enabled and seems to be working, do I have any cause for concern

with Rev 3.0 card versus Rev 2.0 card?


Should I plug the screen into the on board graphics,

because it is clocked faster 886 vs 720 and has more memory bandwidth, 2400 vs 1600?