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Crashing drivers? After burnt power case?

Question asked by proqqe on Dec 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by kingfish

So, after 2-3 weeks after my Power case came back from guarantyy (it burned - electricity crash), I plugged new monitor and tried to open my PC ( I have r9 390), After logging into windows I see only black screen, there is no DVI signal to monitor - i can even hear sound.. So i runned safe mode and then i see my screen on windows drivers.. i unistalled old gpu drivers and downloaded new, there was a problem with instalation but everything went OK, then I needed to restart PC, so in normal mode again there was no signal at DVI, i did some times, even unistalling with display driver unistaller.. i made total format of PC and windows, installed new drivers, then old -> again the same problem with DVI - PC runs ok in safe mode but with no drivers, at normal mode there is a black screen..

MAy it have connection with burnt power case? Maybe GPU burnt in same case and can not see the drivers.. I dont know.. What should I do? Should give my GPU for guarantyy?





Thanks for help, if you can