Crimson broke Multi-Cam editing in Sony Vegas

Discussion created by hagbardceline on Dec 23, 2015
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Since the Crimson update, one of the best features of Sony Vegas has stopped working.  When you are editing a multi-camera project, you can split your monitor into a "quad view" of the four camera angles, and then use your 2nd monitor to full screen whichever "take" you are on.  Since the Crimson update, I have not been able to use this feature.  If I have it set to full screen the take, the quad-view on my main monitor flickers and the full take is frozen.  If my 2nd monitor is showing the quad view, it works fine.  If I only have a single camera, the 2nd monitor works fine.  It's only when I full-screen the take that the quad-view on my main monitor flickers and the full-screen take on my 2nd monitor just freezes.


I tried to delete the crimson drivers and reinstall my catalyst drivers and that didn't fix it.  I tried to use a restore point and that didn't fix it.  Is there still a tool for completely cleansing AMD video drivers off of my computer?


Edit to add;  card is an R9 Fury X


Here is a short video clip of what the flickering looks like:


Untitled on Vimeo