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Unable to adjust brightness (windows 8.1)

Question asked by aashei on Dec 23, 2015

Hello there!


Today, I noticed a problem with my brightness keys. They weren't working, and when I tried to adjust the brightness manually in the control panel, that didn't work either.


Yesterday the AMD install manager popped up and wanted to install a variety of drivers, including a display driver if I recall correctly. But then my laptop started freezing and running slow,so I uninstalled the install manager and the true stream technology thing, which in turn uninstalled the drivers, to see if they were the problem.


I have an AMD E1-2100 APU with Radeon (TM) HD Graphics with 1.00 GHz, 4 GBs of ram, 64-bit operating system and x64-based processor. Please tell me if I need anymore stats, thank you in advance!