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AMD eyefinity 2 displays NOT extended

Question asked by stolenunder on Dec 23, 2015

Just recently had some Windows 10 update and my Catalyst went away, not I have the new "Radeon Settings" menu. Anyway for some reason my old display settings are gone.


I Have 2 monitors plugged into one AMD card, They're both 1080p but one is like 40 inches and the other is 27 or something. So obviously I DON'T want them extended to one monitor. I want them each SEPARATE Meaning when I hit the full screen option on a web browser (for example) I want it to fill whatever monitor it's on, NOT both of them, since obviously there's a size difference and it doesn't look right.


I used to have it set up like this before this update but now when I try to create an Eyefinity group I see no option for having 2 separate desktops. I don't need the secon monitor to have mirrors of the icons and start bar, I basically just want one monitor to be the main monitor, and the second to be an empty space where I can drag additional windows, tabs, etc. It also used to have 2 separate backgrounds on each, or 1 that was synchronized, I'd like that too obviously, meaning I don't want the desktop background to be stretched over the 2 monitors.


Please help, I really have no clue why they made this so difficult >.<


Oh, everytime I disable eyefinity the second monitor just doesn't even show up. Like I can't even see it in the catalyst options to extend or anything, but it knows it's there obviously. Yes, the Eyefinity will "correctly" stretch the image over 2 screens so it is detecting my second monitor. It's just not what I want since the 2 monitors are different sizes.