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    No overdrive settings available for apu or additional card on latest Crimson .12 beta drivers


      I just noticed that overdrive is not showing up for my apu (7860k) and my additional card (r7 240).  For the APU I can set these options in my bios so no probs their.  The gpu portion is a bit trickier.  I can set the apu graphics r7 in global overdrive but not the card.  As luck would have it I can also adjust the apu graphics in my bios, however, that is the same gpu I can setup in Crimson global.  In order for me to properly match my card to the apu/gpu I think I would need both ( I need to be able to oc my card not just the apu/gpu to match which currently is impossible as my card is not separately selectable in global settings.  Are there any plans to allow for overdrive to work on both apu and gpu combos in dual view?