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Radeon 5770 Windows 10 - Please Help

Question asked by darkaeon on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by t77chevy

Hello All,


I am a bit of a noob when it comes to forums and graphics software so please forgive any ignorance or lack of proper forum etiquette on my part but I am in desperate need of assistance.


My problem is this


As my question suggests, I am trying to get the drivers and accompanying software for a Radeon 5770 to work correctly on Windows 10 x64. I know it is an older graphics card and on the unfortunate hit list that AMD is discontinuing support for however upgrading to a newer one is not an option so I am hoping someone out there can lend a gracious hand. I originally had Windows 7 Home Pro x64 and Catalyst Control Center installed on this machine, after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro x64 and searching for most updated graphics driver and software I was led to Radeon Software Crimson Edition - the graphics card runs fine as does game optimization however the latest updates (both 15.11 and 15.12) will not properly install - I have run the installer numerous times (both the minimal and full versions of the update installer) and that has not worked. I have tried uninstalling the software completely and then running a full reinstall, however that seems to fail as well; no matter what I do the Crimson Edition software keeps pestering me to update to 15.12 even though I have tried to do so on numerous occasions and all updates say "Installation Successful" at the end of their completion - despite that both the start/taskbar messages and Crimson Edition software window keep insisting I update to the latest version (currently 15.12 - I had the same problem with update 15.11 and hoped 15.12 would resolve that problem however that has unfortunately not been the case)


Please help - I am at a total loss.


Computer Specs


Intel i7-870 2.93 GHz

Corsair 16GB 1333MHz RAM DDR3

Windows 10 Pro x64

Asus CuCore EAH-5770 (Running ATI Radeon HD 1GB DDR5)

Gigabyte H55-USB3 Motherboard


I know its relatively old in terms of technology but it still runs great (present issue excluded), even the most modern games I am still able to run at relatively high detail and its the best desktop I've got (and can afford) at the moment.