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Any living room/Android TV dongle/Mini console in the works from AMD ?

Question asked by scoty on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by tomtalk24

I could not find any info on the subject so I thought this is the right place to ask. Is there any kind of such device that AMD is working on ?


I am asking because I want to make my old 50" Samsung TV into a smart TV with a simple HDMI dongle(ChromeCast 2 was my first choice), but as I started exploring the options I saw an offer, which had streaming the game from the PC to any other device available to the eco system(Android TV console and tablet atm). However I don't wanna switch my outperforming AMD GPU just to use the console that I am talking about...


The other option is coming from Razer, but the specs of the unit itself, the NO-STREAMING-OF-GAMES-FROM-THE-PC and the not so popular eco system(Cortex) made me steer away from it.


So please if anything is in the works give me a hint I don't mind waiting a bit... and if it is - please be sure to make it look sleek, something glossy black with dimmed red light, compact and aggressive looking(not some dull square box!) with matching sleek remote and controller. Don't forget to include a sweet deal breakers like 4k streaming/output, Google Voice search integrated into the remote, the ability to use multiple devices as controller(gaming with the controller, Android phone and iPhone/as controllers/ at the same time)... I am stopping here because its late and it seems I have started dreaming a bit.