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asus k72jr with radeon mobility 5000 series doesn't appreciate catalyst: causes blackscreen on the laptop

Question asked by azoxystrobin on Dec 22, 2015

Hello everyone,


I have a ASUS K72jr laptop, a bit of an old computer these days, true.

The current video driver is: 8.982.0.0

Apparently the video card is a AMD radeon mobility HD5000 series. Plausibly the HD5450.


I didn't notice at first, but it really doesn't like the catalyst drivers. I wanted to install a flashy game, so updated to the latest drivers (catalyst) and BAM, no display at all. Had to link up the computer to the TV via a HDMI cable.

So I reset eveything to previous settings and it works. Only yhe graphics aren't as good as what they should be.


Now that was fine and dandy until windows10 insisted on getting installed. I was hopeful and optimistic that the passage to win10 would remove the conflict with catalyst.

But it didn't, and because it was a fresh new install of win10, the "previous settings" mean returning to windows 7.

However whilst the computer was on win10, everything was fine, catalyst was working fine on the TV screen, but just a black laptop screen. The problem is that the TV isn't as portable as the laptop alone.


TL;DR: I would like to update my display drivers, but catalyst doesn't work.

Is there a more up to date version of my current driver?

Why doesn't catalyst work?

Is it anything to do with my bios?