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Large video wall with multiple FireProV9100

Question asked by xraydeltazulu on Dec 22, 2015

Hi all,


I am trying to configure a large video wall for my company to display all kinds of performance metrics. The wall will contain 42 x 55'' LCD panels. Based on this setup:,  we are trying for this setup:

Screenshot from 2015-12-22 14-42-42.png


For each of the content system, we aren't sure what kind of motherboard to use. I am completely new at this and from I read, each of the V9100 needs PCIe x16 for optimal performance. So to fully utilize all 4 of them, a PCIe 40 lane CPU, say Xeon, wont cut it. Does it mean I need to have a dual cpu motherboard for the system? Is this setup an overkill for what I need? Anyone has experience or advice for this setup?


Thanks for all your help in advance!