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    Windows 7 clean install gets black screen after AMD driver installation


      I've seen similar problems here, but none of them seem to have reliable answers.

      A few hours ago I had vertical lines on my screen while playing, then it froze. I did a reboot, and saw the "Starting Windows" screen, then a black screen that did not go away.

      Tried a few solutions, nothing worked, finally reinstalled windows.

      Windows works fine, I install the chipset, then after a reboot the AMD crimson 15.12 drivers. Reboot again, same black screen as before.

      This time I can restore a previous point via Windows, so I try again, same issue.

      Restore again, try Catalyst 15.11 instead -> 1 minute of "Starting Windows" screen (previously 10s), then black screen, while the PC goes in overdrive.

      Restore again, so currently I am without graphics drivers.


      My system:

      • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
      • SP1 installed, .Net installed
      • i7 6700k, not overclocked
      • 32GB RAM
      • Asus R9 270x card


      Does anyone have ideas how to solve this?

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          I had a very similar problem.  The way I figured out I had a problem was by disconnecting my second monitor (both DVI).  Once I did that I would get the black screen on boot.  Plug back in second monitor it would work.  Not sure why, but that's what was going on.  I downgraded to 15.7.1 last night and tried 10 cold boots and it was working perfectly.  So if you have to have Crimson going and happen to have a second monitor lying around then give that a try, if not, try 15.7.1.


          Hope that helps.