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    Fail to Crossfire 7970 GHz edition and 280X: PC Freeze


      Hi, I need help...

      I bought a 7970 GHz Edition a few years ago and decided to get a 280X for a bit more performance but I get PC crashes where the screen and sound freeze and I have to hardreset. I get this in everygame and benchmark after a different time in each. I can play BF4 in Ultra settings for a couple of minutes befor it crashes but a benchmark like FurMark or OCCT crashes instantly if not after 2 seconds.

      What I tried so far:

      - I testet each card alone = no problem

      - I switched them = same problem

      - tried 2 different bridges, turned them, 2 bridges at the same time = same problem

      - reinstalled system twice = same problem

      - used different drivers (15.11, 15.12, 14.6(beta), 14.4, 13.12) = same problem

      - set my BIOS to default (with no OC in anything) = same problem

      - Monitored every test with and without Afterburner. The Temp wasn't higher then 60-75°C and was diffrent in every crash. VRAM was also diffrent in every crash.

      - Took 3 of my 4 RAM out and tested only with the one in the first slot = same

      - "enableULPS" on/off doesn't matte (it was off most of the time)

      - Both are correctly listed in the Crimson Software and Running at PCIe 2.0 8x

      I always used a driver cleaner. When I play in windowed borderles mode (where crossfire is automatically turned off) I have no problems at all. When I play in lower settings I can play longer but it crashes after few hours of nonstop playing. Please help me out. I want to use this Crossfire setting.




      My System:

      Win 10 Pro

      Intel i5 2500k (OC 4400)

      Motherboard: P8Z68V_PROGEN3

      PSU: Corsair RM850

      4x4GB DDR3 Ram 1333MHz (Corsair)

      Gigabyte Windforce 7970 GHz Edition (3GB)

      XFX 280X Double Dissipation (3GB)