Gaming performance dropping

Discussion created by lixon on Dec 22, 2015
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Hello everyone!


I bought my new laptop around early July, not for gaming upfront, but it is supposed to run today's games on medium/low settings at least. I tested it quickly with Shadow of Mordor what was not running completely smooth but was working. Then months later came Fallout 4 what is a "today's" game. Was worrying if it will run at all, but for surprise it went well on medium settings as well. Now i already did some hours of gameplays, the game was sometimes!! lagging a bit when loaded parts but after all went well. Then came the latest update changing down the AMD Catalyst to AMD settings and from that whatever settings i use the game laggs 24/7 hours. It is still somewhat playable, but the nonstop lagging making it hard. Yesterday tried out a fully new game what is just in alpha stage so probably that is count too but it is not lagging that type but smooth lagging all the time, so the game not stops you for loading but you can feel that it isn't smooth.


I wonder if anyone else noticed something like this after the latest update that programs aren't going that good as they did before it?

Also with the update the AMD Settings and AMD Gaming Evolved was not in full sync as after i did the update with AMD Settings the other program was keep saying that i need to update as i have the previous version installed. I did, tried a re-install but it said i have the latest update installed, but the program kept saying i have new update..


Are there any solution to get back the previous performance or am i just visioning that there are connection between the update and the loss of frames?

Thank you in advance!


András Pál