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switchable graphics not working in Windows 10

Question asked by bram on Dec 22, 2015
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I have the following setup:


cpu: intel i7-3630QM with Intel HD 4000 graphics

video: AMD 8970m graphics card

OS: Windows 10


drivers Intel: (

drivers AMD: Crimson 15.11.1 (also tried 15.11)


When I run Windows 8.1, i can select which graphics card I want to use for each program I run. (it used to be in CCC, and now it's in the "radeon additional settings")


I recently upgraded to windows 10 (since all my hardware is win 10 compatible) but it now permanently runs all programs on the Intel HD graphics instead of the AMD one.

I installed all drivers (several times in different order, each time using the "display driver uninstaller" from guru3d).

Both the Intel and AMD drivers installs correctly, however when i try to open up the radeon/ccc program, I get the error: "No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD Driver is not functioning properly"

I have no ability to select that i want to use the AMD card for a selected program (since that option is not available in radeon/ccc under windows 10) (it is in windows 8.1)


When looking at different posts/forums, there seems to be a lot of people with the same or similar issues.

Are there any workarounds, or does anyone know if AMD will provide a software fix for this, as this is clearly a bug?


I already contacted AMD support, but they told me that I should file a report on

I did that, some time ago, but I have the feeling that no one is looking at these reports, and it clearly states that no feedback will be provided (which makes it rather pointless)


Thanks in advance