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    r9 290 throotling


      R9 290 on water at 50c load 100% throotle down to 700 mhz how can it be explaned?? lot jaggering ingame caused bu that, i purchased it to run 977MHZ stock with a fan cooler now that i reduced max temp from 94 to 50 i cant even keep it stable 977 ?!?

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          Have you tried setting the power slider all the way up?  This has helped a lot of people.

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            this is an os issue and mainly a huge problem on windows 10 , there is no direct answer i can give you as it has done this to me several times throughout windows 10 updates , pci power saver found under power plains advance options and cycle it on then reboot and off again and reboot , running any monitor oc software to rewrite the monitor settings in windows to complete refresh and updates again , I'm currently fighting the same issue on my youngest son pc and I'm just about ready to format and reinstall the os  . the obvious quick fixes for windows ran first is ideal , chkdsk c: /r " and press enter in a command prompt with admin rights , will require a restart , after that has finished then again in command prompt with admin rights type sfc/scannow  " and press enter , let it run . and this one should be ran after every windows updates as it almost always finds an error