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270x @ 100 degrees

Question asked by mokdabu on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by t77chevy

Hi. I recently received Witcher 3 as gift. I installed it and i saw i couldn't run it even on Low. I watched a video on youtube of some user who was playing Witcher 3 on ultra on the exact same configuration i have (minus the chassis). I asked that user why i could not run it even on Low and he advised me to check my gpu,cpu usage and temperatures. My i5 4590 was running on 45% at 40degrees but the GPU (gigabyte r9 270x Windforce 3x) was running at 100% @ 52degrees @ 450MHz. I told him i had the latest Crimson 15.12 driver and he told me to remove it and install Catalyst 15.11.1. I did as he said, and the GPU was now working at 1100MHz (stock) but the temperature increased very fast to 102 degrees and it then suddenly dropped to 450MHz and 50degrees. I have good airflow, all three gpu fans are working fine, I have almost no dust in my rig and the heatsinks are immaculate.  When i opened the chassis to look for dust, i saw the fans (working at 100%) blew out rather cold air, even though it was working at 100degrees.  The gpu has been replaced a few months back, under warranty (i still have warranty until 2017). They said the GPU got fried. I haven't played to much since then due to lack of time. Could it be they did not fix the heatsink on the GPU accordingly when they replaced it?  I also tried downclocking to 900Mhz and the temperature still goes up to 100degrees (slower, but still does after 4-5 minutes of playtime) even with the fans at 100%. What should i do?! Should i send it again to warranty?!

Please let me know your thoughts.

Have a great day!