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R9 380 fps Drop Cs Go

Question asked by tristamix on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by tristamix

Hello i had to buy a new graphic card so i bought r9 380 soo everything was normal until i started to cs go i got same fps nothing changed even i got more low fps than my old graphic card my old graphic card was r9 270x .

So i install windows 10 with deleting everything than i install every program and i update all of them and nothing changed i still got same fps i didnt find solution before the changing my graphic card i got unless 120 - 140 on  cs go 16 vs 16 servers .Now i got 60 50 40 as you can see in the photo i didnt find what problem is.

So here is my system

Processor fx 8320

Graphic card R9 380 2gb

Windows 10 64 bit

16 gb dual kit RAM

600w power