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AMD Gaming Evolved + Youtube - W10 BSOD

Question asked by dinin70 on Dec 21, 2015

Dear AMD, dear Community,


I am having currently BSOD and it's starting to be annoying. I have a Desktop with a Sapphire R9 380 4GB, CPU FX 8350 with MB AsRock Fatal1ty 970.



Two things:


1. when going on Youtube I have a guaranteed BSOD after max 10 minutes. I am not the only one having this problem on Youtube and Windows 10. I have a Surface Pro 3 with W10 and I don't have this problem.


2. My first BSOD appeared as soon as I saw the notification of AMD Gaming Evolved being updated (System-service-exception (win32kfull.sys)). Yesterday, again, AMD GE getting updated. Paf! BSOD as soon as the pop-up window appeared. I'm pretty sure the problem comes from there.


I then uninstalled Raptr and again, while playing Red Orchestra. BSOD. This is the last one I had. No file was provided but it's always the same comments (KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED ; IRQL LESS OR EQUAL... ; SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION).


Important to know few things:

- Video Recoring when having Raptr was OFF.

- Uninstalled Raptr through the standard Uninstall Program from Windows, not while using Display Driver Uninstaller

- Shouldn't be an hardware issue since while troubleshooting some months ago my computer I switched with my old AMD 5870 and that didn't prevent any BSOD (that were caused by BitDefender 2016).

- SFC Scannow didn't provide anything wrong

- Memtest didn't provide anything wrong.

- I am at the office now and I see that a new driver is provided (since 17th Dec.). I have the previous driver version.

- I have Windows 10 64, with Windows Defender as antivirus (since BitDefender 2016 was causing BSODs)



Any idea from were this should come from?


Thank you in advance.