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    R9 380 Boot up screen glitch Win 10


      Hi there,


      I recently purchased a new MSI 4G R9 380 to replace my old (dead) Radeon HD6970. As far as I can tell the card runs fine however when I first turn the computer on, the very first screen I get on Boot up, is all blue, green and glitched out. Like this:
      Bootup Glitch.JPG
      It only lasts a few seconds and then the boot up process resumes as normal. This doesn't seem quite right to me.. as when I tried another older (yet still running) HD4890 the bootup screen was fine (although I haven't tried the older card again since installing the R9-380). is this a fault with the GPU? or something else in my PC beginning to die?
      I uninstalled all AMD drivers prior to removing the old GPU and have installed the most recent Driver Software, (Crimson Edition 15.12)


      I'm running
      Windows 10 Home 64-bit

      GA-990FXA-UD5 (motherboard)

      AMD FX-8150 (cpu)

      16GB RAM
      BIOS F12 (just updated)

      1000W PSU


      If there is any more information you need please ask and I will try and provide it.
      Thanks, Samuel. W.


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      I have tried the GPU in another PC and had similar results. Yet using another spare GPU in my main PC resulted in a clean bootup with no glitches.