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    RHEL7.2 and Radeon R5 M335


      I've a problem with my Dell Inspiron 17 (5759) Intel i7-6500U with AMD Radeon R5 M335.

      I've try to install fglrx64_p_i_c-15.30.1025-1.x86_64_RHEL7_64a.rpm but startx don't work.

      The /var/log/Xorg.0.log file :

      [   612.591]  (II)  fglrx(0): pEnt->device->identifier-0x7f11e630c690

      [   612.594]  (EE)

      Fatal server error:

      [   612.594]  (EE)  atiddxProbe:  fail to probe intel VGA device(EE)


      Could you help me ?

      Thank you in advance,

      Best regards,


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          If the driver is behaving like they do on Windows, so requires the Intel drivers to be reinstalled/updated. They this would make sense. I'm only on desktop so not 100%. Its obvious the AMD driver is calling on the Intel driver for some power saving thing. They should refuse to load until you have the Intel GPU all setup.


          If you fail in sorting the Intel you may have to go back to what you had. Hope you have a backup?!