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Does a new patch that fixes problems in all modern games (Fallout, GTA, SWBF) still release this year?

Question asked by madmatt on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by madmatt

Since those AMD REPS go silent about any topic that is not about how great their products or software is, I would like to ask again:


Does a driver that fixes corrupted Directx 11 games (Fallout 4 compass, GTA V minimap, SW Battlefront) come within the next days or do we really have to wait for several monthes until these bugs are adressed?


I am asking because AMD and their REPS might just don´t get it. You are losing customers in drones because you are not able to support the blockbuster games upon release. It would be ok with most to wait for a week or maybe two but you can´t be serious to not have a driver for those games for several months. That is unacceptable for a company that wants to stay relevant. You have 20% marketshare left for dedicated graphics cards. If you don´t get your s**t together you´ll have around 10% by the same time next year.


So, once again, when can we expect a driver that adresses those bugs?