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    Crimson driver freeze on Windows 10 64-bit



      i have installed new driver Radeon Crimson on my PC for my graphics card: Sapphire HD7950 With TurboBoost but i have a problem.

      Sometimes when I play, especially with "Heroes Of The Storm", the computer freeze and block all devices such as mouse, keyboard and monitor.

      Also the monitor being black and the PC remain ON, for resolve the problem i must force reset the Computer with button.


      With old driver (NOT crimson version) 15.7 i don't have this problem.

      How can i solve this problem?


      Thank you

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          Maybe try and benchmark the unit and monitor temps and GPU usage. Crimson may have capped the GPU, core speed or fan speed. Hope this helps.

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            I have had the same issue. I have the sapphire vapor-x R9 290. I bought the card in August, installed it into a windows 10 system, updated the drivers, and then every time there was a graphics load (like opening a game or using Skype), the system would crash. I therefore reformatted, installing everything fresh, and never had the problem again--that is until I installed the 15.12 Crimson drivers. Now everytime I run my game or even watch a video in youtube, the system freezes--screen goes black, keyboard is locked, no mouse. The only cure, is more cowbell... I mean, restarting. You mention "benchmarking" above... What is that, and how do I do it? My card as lighting on it that shows how hot it is. Blue means cools, and the card never gets not-blue. My PSU is 775W, so I considered that being the issue, but the card doesn't suck that much power (<300W) and it was working fine before the crimson drivers. I tried formatting and re-installing from scratch again, but this didn't solve the issue. Thanks!