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thread stuck in device driver, AMD 7670M, HP envy 4

Question asked by gregorygavin on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by gregorygavin

Hi, I'm having problems with my graphics card lately. so first i have HP envy 4 1047tx. I use AMD 7670M, windows 10 (before it was win7) core i5 3rd gen. BIOS F.0A. when i Updated my laptop to win 10 there was an incompatibility of graphics card, then i updated it to 15.7.1, everytime i play dota 2 with max performance for my graphics card, i always get amd has stopped working and recovered. so I changed it to power save mode and works well, but until then I don't know how to solve and let it just like that. then, I received THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER. I don't know why, and probably it was the graphics card. then I saw an update AMD Crimson, i didn't read the compatibility version and directly downloaded it.


I used DDU to uninstall my graphics card, and my I didn't use CCC to uninstall. I was shocked to see a windows basic graphics something and questioned my self where the f*ck is my graphics card? then I restarted my laptop and tried to install back the 15.7.1. on the way of installation, the screen flickered and yes it's normal but then the blue screen came out and said THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER. since then it goes to infinite loop.


now I disabled the AMD and don't know what to do. my plan is to roll back to win 7 and fix everything.


I haven't checked my hardware components, I hope the chips are not burned.


I need guidance and help. and what should I do?