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AMD Gesture Control won't enable

Question asked by javo on Dec 20, 2015

A month ago I bought a new HP Pavilion 15-p006 with AMD A8-6410 APU and R5 Graphics plus R7 M260 GPU, running Windows 10 64 bit.


Recently I installed AMD Gesture Control without any problems through the AMD Compatibility Checker. What happens is that I open the program and Windows shows a notification saying something like "Gesture Control is not available. Camera is not connected or is already being used by another application". Despite it runs without crashing at all, it can't access the camera and of course nothing else can work.


It's not hardware problem because other programs work just well with the camera and obviously I have checked no other program is using it.

I understand that in Windows configurations it is possible to allow/deny access to camera hardware both globally for every application and specifically for each one. I already checked that the global switch is on, but what I find wierd is that the program doesn't even appear in the list.


I already tried reinstalling and rebooting.


So, what should I do? Is it really compatible with my PC?