Discussion created by donkeydude on Dec 20, 2015


I originally built this PC with a different AMD CPU and a card from the green team. I'm very excited for VR and can't wait to get a Vive, so I decided to ascend (hence the name Ascension) to a bigger and better CPU and GPU from the red team.


I've been absolutely loving my R9 390 and my FX 8350, both are great. I put a cooler on my cpu in order to overclock it. Unfortunately my case would originally not fit my cooler, but that didn't stop me as I made some adjustments to the case till it fit. Added some fans as well and now I'm up to speed. I've been loving this thing so far.







CPUFX 8350 (OC to 4.2ghz)
CoolerCooler Master Hyper 612
MotherboardASUS M5A78L Motherboard
Memory1600mhz 4gb DDR3 x 3 G.Skill
GraphicsMSI Radeon R9 390
Disc Drive 12 TB Seagate
Disc Drive 2N/A
Disc Drive 3N/A
PSUCORSAIR CX series CX750M 750W
CaseCoolerMaster HAF
MonitorSamsung Simple LED 21.5" Monitor