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Second Video Card not being seen in BIOS or Device Manager. Crossfire option gone

Question asked by on Dec 20, 2015
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Hello, first time poster here, please be patient.

Okay, out of the clear blue my second video card stopped being recognized by everything (Windows Device Manager, BIOS MB Layout, AMD Catalyst Control Center). Obviously no more crossfire. Swapped cards, etc.. both work in PCIE1..neither works in PCIE3. Thought it might be a bad PCIE socket, swapped mbs (ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z) change.  Started reading that this situation may be related to sneaky Windows 10 updates, don't know how to verify that. I've updated drivers, flashed BIOS, all that..nothing works to get my second card and thus crossfire back. Looking for some assistance. thanks  My system:

Second card is identical.

Windows 10


Let me know if any other info is needed...thanks in advance



12-21-2015  Additional info:  Swapped Sapphire R9 290x's for two GTX570's.  Couldn't find drivers for these cards for Win 10 to get them running, but I did note that in the BIOS "system image" that the second card in PCIE3 was again not indicated as being there, but the BIOS image did show a GTX570 in PCIE1.  Don't know if this helps...seems to partially rule out a card issue to me.  I'm in contact with Sapphire tech support but right now they are just telling me to verify operation of the card(s) and not much else help wise...I think the rep is from the past  ;-)