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Brand new 390X doesn't seem to automatically control fans at all.

Question asked by bastiat on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by sean.i

I recently purchased a 390x to play Fallout 4, when I noticed that my PC would intermittently power off during the game. After much troubleshooting I discovered that the issue was the card overheating, perhaps because of the fan speed bug although this happened before the release of the Crimson drivers. I have been using SpeedFan to lock the GPU fans at 100% while playing games and I haven't had a crash since, but I just now noticed that my GPU temps are reaching 95  just while watching youtube videos, but the fans are still at 20% where I left them after closing my game. It seems like automatic fan control isn't working at all on my card. What could cause that and how can I re-enable it?