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FinalFantasy 14 is getting worse and worse performance with each AMD driver Update.

Question asked by karmarunner on Dec 20, 2015

Hi everyone, first question asking here, so bare with me


I own 2 r9 290x radeon Graphic Cards, and till the Crimson Update was released everything worked pretty fine. But now my game droppes down from 120FPS to sometimes 20-15FPS. No matter if in windowed mode or Fullscreen and this in areas that are not particularely crowded. And tbh FF14 is not the only game that has a performance drop but also Elite Dangerous, Assassins Creed Syndicate and many other games. So until this is fixed I would like to roll back to a old driver. Does everyone know where I can find the older ones? Or is it to late? Cause I would like to enjoy my games at an aggreable speed.

Thanks a lot.